Never Mind Bowie, Prince is Back!

prince bw

The internet may have got together and spaffed their collective pants upon the release of the first David Bowie material in 10 years, but that’s not the most exciting thing to happen today. You see, today 4 Prince tracks made their way online, and they’re all solid gold.

There’s not a day goes by when I don’t want to listen to Prince. But what of these new songs? How do they hold up to a catalogue which contains some of the finest pop songs ever recorded? Essentially, not badly at all. In terms of production they’re sublime, with fat basslines and all encompassing percussion. Same Page Different Book swings like Superstition-era Stevie Wonder, with Prince himself showcasing some brilliantly restrained guitar playing.

The remix of Rock N Roll Love Affair also has a great disco flavour, as well as containing some brilliantly profane lyrics: “Hate you think I’m willing but you know that I’m able, If there’s some room I’d like to sit at your table, she said “It’s tight, but I think I can fit you in”” – SHE AIN’T TALKING ABOUT A TABLE FOLKS. Another tangent if you’ll allow. Prince’s profanity is at its peak on Little Red Corvette, a song so huge it can barely fit in the room. In the song Prince starts getting with a girl, then gets nervous because she’s been around the block a bit, but then halfway through the song he remembers that he’s Prince and is all like – “BITCH PLEASE, I GOT THIS,” ending with the utterly ridiculous and fabulous line: “The ride is so smooth, you must be a limousine” – Prince you dog.

An extended cut of Lay It Down from 2010 also popped up, a freakishly infectious hip-hop tune with some superb guitar and bass interplay. “From the heart of Minnesota, here come the Purple Yoda”. Sure Prince, whatever you say, take me to funkytown. A live cut of Bambi shows Prince wailing away again, and lays down a serious marker to the rest of the musical world. I don’t care what anyone says, Prince is still consistently brilliant.

 Listen to a new Prince tune here:


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