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“New, Highly Anticipated iPad and iPhone App Audiobus Bridges the Gap Between your Music Apps”

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Right now on a good many music tech blogs and forums there is palpable excitement around the future of mobile music-making and the cause of this is a new way of understanding how the space can evolve, courtesy of an app called Audiobus.

This new app isn’t a tool for making music in its own right but actually an innovative means to connect apps which are within Apple’s iOS ecosystem. For instance, a drum machine such as Funkbox and a synth such as Sunrizer can be routed through guitar FX apps and recorded in studio apps like Multitrack DAW. In addition to this, the basic controls of other connected apps, such as play and record are available via a handy sidebar which removes the need to keep constantly switching.

What’s even more encouraging is that Apple approved this external development within their ecosystem, a good thing too when you consider the value it adds to iOS devices themselves as music making tools, as well as vastly extending the creative possibilities of the apps themselves. Whether Apple goes one further and incorporate Audiobus within its own Garageband app remains to be seen, but I for one hope that it will.

Audiobus has launched today with support for several popular iOS apps and the promise of many more to follow. If it does indeed become the standard it promises to be then it opens up a huge range of creative options for mobile music makers looking to mix and match the ever-growing selection of synths, FX and DAW/Sequencer apps already available on their iOS devices.

A Tasty Pixel in partnership with Audanika today launched Audiobus, a revolutionary new app for iPad and iPhone set to reinvent iOS music making with its ability to connect music apps together, just as cables connect audio equipment. Support for the app is already built into such leading iOS music apps as Rebirth, JamUp, NLog, Sunrizer and more, with over 750 more developers registered to implement Audiobus in their own music apps. “Audiobus is going to fundamentally change the way people make music on the iPad and iPhone,” said Audiobus developer Michael Tyson. “The app works like virtual audio cables, turning a platform of isolated apps into a community of pluggable components that work together seamlessly, far greater than the sum of their parts. Nothing like this has even been attempted before.”

The app is the result of a twelve-month collaboration between A Tasty Pixel, developer of iOS audio apps Loopy and Loopy HD, and Audanika, developer of SoundPrism and SoundPrism Pro. Loopy, Loopy HD, and SoundPrism Pro have been placed on sale for the launch. With a clean and simple user interface, the app allows users to easily connect the output of one Audiobus-compatible app into the input of another, playing a synthesizer live into a looper or multi-track recorder, or using one app to manipulate the live output of another. “It’s what so many iOS music makers want: to be able to use multiple apps at the same time, mixing together the audio from each of them into a single project,” wrote leading musicians’ gear website Music Radar recently, dubbing the app “groundbreaking”.

Audiobus is launching today together with eleven other leading iOS music apps which have added support for the inter-app audio routing platform: Propellerheads’ Rebirth for iPad, JamUp and JamUp Pro, Sunrizer Synth, SoundPrism Pro, Loopy and Loopy HD, MultiTrack DAW, NLog Synth Pro and NLog MIDI Synth, sir Sampleton and Funkbox. Twenty-five additional noteworthy developers, including Moog and Intua, have been invited to the developer program and have already begun to add Audiobus support, prior to a public launch of the Audiobus Software Development Kit (SDK). Over 750 additional developers have signed up to add Audiobus support to their apps once the Audiobus SDK is made public.


Audiobus is now available on the App Store for $9.99 USD.

Send audio from an app…

a synth, a microphone, a drum machine, an instrument app, a sequencer, a radio receiver, a sampler, a voice processor…

…Filter it through another…

a delay processor, a bitcrusher, a reverb unit, a virtual guitar amp, an auto-tuner, a pitch shifter, a vocoder, a phaser…

…Receive it in another. Live.

a DAW, a multi-track recorder, a looper, a field recorder, a broad-caster, a DJ mixer, a visualizer, a beat detector…

[Audiobus] finally helps you make sense of your collection of apps. They make each other more powerful, rather than just crowding space on the app screen and competing with one another. Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music

It’s what so many iOS music makers want: to be able to use multiple apps at the same time, mixing together the audio from each of them into a single project.

About A Tasty Pixel

A Tasty Pixel specializes in apps with beautiful and functional user interfaces – software that works like an extension of oneself, with the charm and elegance that make it a pleasure to use. A Tasty Pixel now has four iOS apps available on the App Store — The Cartographer, Loopy, Loopy HD, and Audiobus. A Tasty Pixel products have been extensively featured by Apple and have been finalists on several occasions for the prominent iPhone industry competition, Best App Ever Awards, hosted by 148 Apps.

About Audanika

Audanika GmbH creates innovative digital music apps with a goal to enabling more people to make great music. Audanika’s award winning apps SoundPrism and SoundPrism Pro have been downloaded more than 800,000 times. Audanika’s team members have a background in software development and new media and have dedicated large parts of their lives to either learning, playing or teaching music.



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