Klak Tik: Reborn

It’s the brand new single Reborn from acclaimed post-folk troupe Klak Tik. Taken from their forthcoming album The Servants (spring 2013), it’s the follow-up to their much lauded 2010 record We Must Find A Winner; an album that was granted a 9/10 review from NME upon release, and who had this to say. ‘The Copenhagen-born multi-instrumentalist, who is as equally at home playing careworn pianos, fractally clear acoustic guitars and honeyed, battered brass cornets, patently has a rare songwriting talent that simultaneously calls to mind Sufjan Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, Jim O’Rourke and James Merce’  – NME

Recorded in a studio deep underground beneath the Parys Mountain in Wales, if pressed, Klak Tik might refer to themselves as Post-Folk, to be filed loosely between Grizzly Bear, Sufjan Stevens and Love. Reborn showcases the lighter side of Klak Tik’s broad musical strokes.

You can hear the track here: http://soundcloud.com/the-servants/reborn/s-oIoML

Alongside the single release, ‘Reborn’ is featured heavily in Samsung’s worldwide campaign for the Galaxy Camera, and is available to be downloaded for free through Samsung’s website.

To follow their (9/10 NME rated) debut album ‘Must We Find A Winner’ Klak Tik (comprised of Søren Bonke, Matthew Mitchinson & Jonathan Beyer), escaped the trappings of East London’s alternative coffee shops and vintage chic for a simple purer existence in the Welsh village of Penrhos. For a month Klak Tik drew inspiration from the cold January sea, set up a make shift recording studio deep under Parys Mountain and shouted high into the chapel’s rafters. Showcasing the lighter side of Klak Tik’s broad musical strokes, ‘Reborn’ is the soundtrack to us escaping from behind our desks, counters and boardrooms to spend an eternal Sunday skimming pebbles into the sea.

Søren Bonke had this to say about the inspiration for ‘Reborn’. “I was travelling on the Piccadilly Line towards Ealing during rush hour one morning and I was looking at this man in a suit sitting across from me. He looked like a zombie the way he was holding but not reading the free newspaper. I could see the words enter his head through the glassy eyes like an odour from the page, and then pour straight back out of his wilted ears. It got me thinking about my own defence mechanisms. What is my escape route? Songs are, was my conclusion. And ‘Reborn’ was written while another man was sat on the tube, holding but not reading the free paper.”

‘The Servants’ (named after the band Søren’s father drummed in during the 60s) will be released in the UK through Safety First Records, a collective/co-operative record label housing many refugees met during Klak Tik’s journey so far. The album will be released in partnership in Demark & Germany where Klak Tik’s debut has already been included in All Scandinavia’s Top Album’s of 2011 and been nominated for three ‘Gaffa’ awards.

http://www.facebook.com/KlakTik   // https://twitter.com/KlakTik


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