MAMA ROSIN ‘Bye Bye Bayou’

MAMA ROSIN ‘Bye Bye Bayou’ – The new album out now

Produced by Jon Spencer Moi J’Connais Records

Post-Punk Roots Rockers Rip It Up And Start Again ‘‘Mama Rosin are a rare band that combine familiar influences in subtle and striking ways  to achieve a wholly unique and very personal form of music’’ – Jon Spencer

Long celebrated as a seminal live band, Mama Rosin’s unique vision – Louisiana swamp grooves meet New York’s CBGB white heat/white noise! – found legendary American rocker Jon Spencer embracing the band. Matching Mama Rosin with Jon Spencer proved a marriage made in rock’n’roll heaven: rich in texture and flavour, Bye Bye Bayou stands tall as 2012’s most uncompromising album. Jon Spencer started out as guitarist in NY punk Pussy Galore and is leader of leftfield Americana bands Blues Explosion, Boss Hog, Heavy Trash. As a producer he has helmed definitive albums by “punk rock blues” veterans’ RL Burnside and Andre Williams.

Mama Rosin first encountered Spencer when they opened several European shows for Blues Explosion. He then invited them to record at Hed Analog Studio in New York City. Across eight days Mama Rosin recorded take after take with Spencer insisting the band kick out the jams. Shattered from playing to their utmost abilities the band would then be instructed by Spencer to overdub while he mixed so splintering each song’s sonic texture. The result is Bye Bye Bayou, an album that rips up the rulebook on how to play punk and Cajun.

Bye Bye Bayou is Mama Rosin’s breakthrough album: here the Swiss trio create a sound unlike any other band on earth. This is rock’n’roll at its most primal, warped and obsessive, where Lower East Side hustlers go alligator hunting. Put simply: Bye Bye Bayou is bad-ass. Mama Rosin on recording with Jon Spencer: “In the studio Jon pushed us. He is a music encyclopedia and a fantastic musician. Jon and Matt Verta-Ray played on some songs, spontaneous contributions, wild stuff. Recording with Jon was the best eight days of our lives!”

Mama Rosin on Bye Bye Bayou’s title: “We feel that, to some degree, Bye Bye Bayou reflects the way our music has been evolving, we have outgrown our Cajun/zydeco roots. Mama Rosin on Bye Bye Bayou’s songs: “The 13 songs are originals except for a version of the old blues tune ‘Sittin’ On Top Of The World’ which we reinvent and sing in French (‘Assis Sur Le Sommet Du Monde’)”

You can listen to the Mama Rosin album in full here:

Mama Rosin discuss Bye Bye Bayou tune by tune: Under Jon Spencer’s direction, Mama Rosin hit a voodoo groove akin to that which once powered The Gun Club and The Cramps. Bye Bye Bayou is in-ya-face feral rock’n’roll.

1. Marilou – That’s a good 6/8 rock’n’roll inspired by the warm sound of the 90’s Memphis garage rock’n’roll scene (Oblivians, Reigning Sound etc).

2. Sorry Ti Monde – That’s a song talking about our tours around the world with the feeling of being lost in translation. It has a really heavy rock’n’roll groove, we wanted to explode it!

3. Paraît Qu’y A Pas l’Temps – A cool rock’n’roll also talking about absence. A good bluesy Louisiana groove with moody slide guitar. You can hear the fastest triangle playing4 in the end of the song!

4. You Broke My Stuffs – An original and personal Cajun tune with a psychedelic flavour! It was the first song we recorded. Then Jon said “Ok Matt, we are working with a real band!”

5. Wivenhoe – Here our sound pays homage to The Beastie Boys and Rick Rubin and we sing about the little city of Wivenhoe in Essex, where we had crazy gigs in The Station pub!

6. Black Samedi – Smell the smoke of the psychedelic bayou! We use a cool 70’s Custom guitar, the same that John Fogerty was playing on Green River (classic CCR psych swamp album).

7. Mama Don’t – Inspired by the Velvet Underground and Jessie Mae Hemphill, the late, great fife and drum Queen from Mississippi – Jon knew her and we love her music. This is a mix of blues and zydeco. Haunting psyche-blues – we love this sound and Jon does too.

8. Seco e Molhado – A sleepy banjo tune with frightening exotica noise behind. It translates as Dry and Wet and was inspired by Brazil’s tropical weather. Jon really like this song and plays with us, a one-shot bass line with a low tune baritone guitar!

9. Bye Bye Birdy Black (part 2) – That the second part of Birdy Black. Poor Birds, stuck in the Oil of the Deep Water Horizon fuel spill. Even if the song seems funny, it talks about that crazy shit. And the poor life of a fisherman in the Louisiana bayou!

10. Assis Sur Le Sommet Du Monde – We decided to cover this old Mississippi Sheiks tune in a Othar Turner’s fife and drum style. At the end you can hear the Crazy “drums from hell” recorded by Xavier in a crazy moment of violence in the studio! We put on it a lap steel guitar too!

11. I Don’t Feel at Home – The saddest song of the record. About absence and the never ending tour. And the feeling not to be at home in this world anymore. A story also about friendship.

12. Où Est Passé Arthur Lyman? – It’s a tribute to our favourite fake Polynesian player Arthur Lyman, one of the fathers of Exotica! That song was perfect to announce the end of the album.

13. Story of Love and Hate – Here we close the record and pay homage to Leonard Cohen.


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