Virgin Mary’s – Rock N’ Roll is Alive!

Rock N’ Roll is Alive!

The demise of guitar bands and/or guitar music has been placed in many areas of the media over the last twelve months, usually backed up by the fact that the charts are full of auto-tune pop music!

Yes, the singles charts, but I think if you look at the album charts and especially the ‘catalogue’ section you will find plenty of guitars on offer!  As usual it’s the money men (the suits) attempting to justify the placement of the same old song and dance at every club, venue, on-air at every radio station and of course online and even in our living rooms via the TV.

All we were waiting for was the wheel to turn, it did do during 76-77, and again in the 80’s but from the Americans, then in the nineties it was called ‘Brit-Pop’ but I remember there being plenty of strings on show, The Libertines and Artic Monkeys kept the flame alight but the Mr Cowell seemed to bring out the final nail… Not Quite…

I find myself in the sleepy north wales town of Wrexham in a studio with three guys in a band, yes with guitars (just one six string) and they are playing an acoustic session with songs that are stripped back and raw, yet full of emotion and power, fast forward a couple of hours and the three of them have ‘amped’ up and creating one hell of a noise, but it’s not a racket, it’s not top end thrash it out, it’s powerful, like Cream were, like The Pixies were, like Foo Fighters are, but they are young, they are free from the shackles of the past, they are emerging from those pop radio speakers and turning their amp and guitars up loud, but it’s Power that emerges…

They are a band that have had comparisons to Zep, Leon and many more, but what they are creating is for a new generation that knows or cares less about the past, they are the generation that has not been fed rock or indie guitar music via the radio or TV, for them this is year zero, the start, for them this is their 56’ or cavern moment and they are looking for a band to champion, to take them somewhere special, somewhere new, somewhere their elders went before them, but with no connection, no derision, just intense, loud, melodic rock music with the power to exit light and enter night, they are wanting the sandman to enter night, but more surprising is the fact that the elder generation is wanting exactly the same thing, no re-hash, something to remind you, why have a second hand clone, when you had the real thing and for the first time in a long time a band has arrived, a band that is for the old and for the new, they have something borrowed, they may have something blue, what they defiantly have is a big Fuck You!

That bands name is The Virgin Marys… Nuff Said!


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