Syd Arthur

Syd Arthur

New Single – Dorothy

Syd Arthur, a quartet of Canterbury-based devotees of sound immersed in the simple pleasures of songwriting, performance and exploratory musical interplay, will release forthcoming single Dorothy on November 12th; their first release since summer 2012’s critically acclaimed debut album, On An On.

Greatly inspired by the sonic pioneers of the late 60s and early 70s, they have patiently learned how to engineer, produce and mix themselves, using an innovative hybrid of analogue and digital techniques. Naturally, in 2009, Wicker Studios, their own studio space was created, followed by their record label, Dawn Chorus Recording Company. Syd Arthur may revel in the music of decades long past but, as psychedelic rock goes, they match the hallucinogenic sounds of modern contemporaries like Wolf People, Black Mountain, Tame Impala, even Making Dens era Mystery Jets – with imaginative, whimsically sweet, melodies.

After the huge critical success of their debut album, On An On, Dorothy finds the band in a suitably whimsical state, the instruments and textures are given a chance to shine with swirling keys taking an integral role. Lyrically, the poetry, honesty and mystique of Liam Magill’s vocals are at the forefront, as he muses on life.

Syd Arthur’s intricate, high-energy live sets, which to date include Glastonbury and Secret Garden slots, have resulted in a large following – one that is also burgeoning in Europe as they continue to pick up tours in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and most recently Italy. This is an accomplished live band. Dorothy looks set to further cement Syd Arthur as a band to watch heading into 2013.

Praise for debut album On An On (July 2012)

‘Dorothy begins with a calmative wash of heat-have guitars, then cedes to a lazy, joined at the hip groove that’s a small marvel of poise and subtlety…. Enchanting’ MOJO

‘Dizzyingly intricate… they bristle with energy and ideas’ Q

‘Strong compositional ideas… a careering piece’ Uncut

‘Absurdly talented’  Word

‘Syd Arthur are sons and heirs of those Canterbury musicians who did sometimes whimsical, sometimes intense things with psychedelic and progressive rock’ The


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